Witty•TAB is the ideal choice for anyone seeking a multi-capable, lightweight, easily transportable and user-friendly display
board. Measuring 13×41.5×6 cm, the board is equipped with a Led dot matrix displaying 6 numeric digits of 7 segments
each (10 x 5 Leds), and a sensor allowing automatic adjustment of the brightness level to suit the ambient light conditions.
Brightness can also be controlled manually. The 2 lead storage batteries guarantee stand-alone operation for at least 10
hours without the need for a connection to the a.c. mains supply.


The Witty•TAB display board has an internal timer and comes complete with a radio transceiver able to communicate with
Witty photocells: as the athlete passes, the photocell transmits the pertinent signal (start/lap/stop) to the board by radio.
The transmission range is 150 metres under standard conditions.
The Witty•TAB display board can be used in 2 different modes:
• on its own, in combination with Witty•GATE
photocells only; in this mode, times are simply
displayed, without being saved for subsequent
computer analysis
• in combination with the Witty•TIMER; pulses
transmitted by the photocells are received by the
board and by the timer independently, but in this
case, with the timer function, data can be saved
and stored for analysis subsequently on a computer
using the Witty•MANAGER software package

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