Precor QNX-X3 700 Open Format

As a free-standing system that can accommodate functional and suspended body weight training accessories, the Open Format configurations will be the hub of group and personal training activities that are bound to attract and engage. The Open Format has the flexibility to be configured for circuit-style or small group class training, while also preserving the open floor space beneath the unit



Battle Rope (x1)

Rebounder (x1)

Boxing Shelf (x1)

Mobile Parallels (x1)

Plyometric Platform (x1)

Flexibility Bar (x4)

Olympic Bar (x1)

Pull Up & Rack 700 (x1)

Punching Bag 30KG Kit (x1)

Stairs Attack (x2)

Strong ++ (x2)

Superfunctional (x12)

Torso Trainer (x1)

Horizontal Universal Shelf (x2)

Vertical Bar (x1)

Handle Extension (2 PCS) (x2) not pictured

Suspension Abs Kit (x1) not pictured

Up Strength (2 PCS) (x2) not pictured

اطلاعات بیشتر

ابعاد714 × 437 × 287 cm
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