Precor QNX-X1 900 Bridge

With the ability to easily attach, remove and reconfigure training accessories, The Bridge supports a dynamic variety of suspended body weight and functional group training. Modular storage optionals provide easy access to a variety of training tools.


Includes :

Battle Rope (x1)

Mobile Parallels (x1)

Plyometric Platform (x1)

Horizontal Universal Shelf (x2)

Pull Up & Rack 900 (x1)

Strong ++ (x2)

Superfunctional (x5)

Black Box 125 (x1)

Suspension Abs Kit (x1) not pictured

Up Strength (2 PCS) (x1) not pictured

Handle Extension (2 PCS) (x3) not pictured

Number of Suspension Stations : 5

Total Functional & Suspension Stations : 9

اطلاعات بیشتر

ابعاد902 × 237 × 287 cm
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