Precor QNX-W175 2D Wall Solution

The Wall Solution allows facility owners to reap the benefits of functional and suspended body weight training while also preserving the open floor space they need for other group exercises. Available in a variety of lengths and enhanced with a broad range of training accessories and storage solutions, the Wall Solution is ideal for facilities desiring to dedicate space and a higher level of organization to functional training.



Battle Rope (x1)

Plyometric Platform (x1)

Strong ++ (x1)

Mobile Parallels (x1)

Removable Training Bar (x1)

Lateral Mat & Bar Shelf (x1)

Lateral Universal Shelf (x1)

Superfunctional (x1)

Up Strength (2 PCS) (x1) not pictured

Handle Extension (2 PCS) (x2) not pictured

Number of Suspension Stations : 1

Total Functional & Suspension Stations : 3

اطلاعات بیشتر

ابعاد420 × 66 × 262 cm
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