Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer AMT 835

Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer AMT 835

The innovative and premium design of the Adaptive Motion Trainer® (AMT®) ۸۳۵, complete with the 830 Line console, takes fitness to a whole new feeling with the addition of the Open Stride™ feature. This single piece of equipment fully engages exercisers of all fitness levels with an infinite range of stride paths to create a personalized low-impact workout, each and every time. The AMT 835 provides exercisers boundless cardio variety without the need to change machines.


۸۳۰ Line Console

Created to complement the entire Experience Series™ line, the 830 Line console features easy-to-use motion controls and an LED-based console that focuses on the essential fitness stats that keep users informed and engaged.

اطلاعات بیشتر

وزن187 kg
ابعاد203 × 89 × 175 cm
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