Hoist RS-1103 Triceps Extension

Hoist RS-1103 Triceps Extension

-Contoured arm handles provide multiple grip positions
-Adjustable seat for varying user heights
-When the exercise handles are pressed forward the torso support rocks rearward reducing stress on the lower back
-Articulating arms allow a variety of triceps exercises to be performed
-Effectively exercises all 3 heads of the triceps for more muscle engagement
-Foot assist bar brings exercise arms within closer reach for an easier starting position
-User friendly access to weight stack


  • Functional movement for triceps muscle
  • Starts the body in a slight forward lean, then rocks rearward to a stable exercise position
  • Adjustable exercise handles provide proper positioning and reduce excessive shoulder stress and instability
  • Naturally mimics the exercise motion of a bar dip
  • Ratcheting seat adjustment


اطلاعات بیشتر

وزن253 kg
ابعاد168 × 150 × 139 cm





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