Witty•SEM indicators can be used in standalone mode or in combination with the photocells and other products in the Witty series (photocells, RFID identification system, display board). Exceptional flexibility and user friendliness make Witty•SEM indicators ideal for both sports training and rehabilitation activities


Witty•SEM is the newcomer to the Witty family: a “smart indicator” composed of a 7×۵ LED matrix that can display different symbols and colours. Thanks to the built-in proximity sensor, Witty•SEM is the perfect solution for optimal planning and management of specific training for reactivity, agility, and motor-cognitive abilities.

Specifically, each Witty•SEM indicator can display:

  • Colours: Red, green and blue
  • Arrows in different colours and directions
  • Numbers in different colours
  • Letters in different colours
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